The Den of Curiosities

Asinine Action

Punning after offing a baddie? Check.  Training montage that involved our hero overcoming their fears? Check.  Ridiculously high body count? Check and mate!

B-Movie Bummers

Rubber monsters, damsels in distress, square-jawed heroes, styrofoam tombstones, and visible wires!

Beach Blanket Bombs

Aqua-Net and high-waisted bikinis set to 60s surf rock. Sorry, Frankie!  Annette is nowhere near this beach.

Decaying Disasters

Burning buildings!  Pilot-less planes!  Move star has-beens in mock turtlenecks!  Hollywood-Royalty-to-Be in minor roles!

Horrorshow Horrors

Blondes, boobs, blood, and bad acting!

Miscellaneous Monstrosities

Films that defied genre and created their own species.

Natural Negatives

In the 1970's animals and insects diligently attempted mass genocide of the entire human race.  The cinema tried to warn us all!

Repulsive Romances

Tasteless innuendo, unresolved subplots, suborned assault, and wise grandparents played by cherished Tinseltown icons.

Television Atrocities

From very special episodes, to ripped from the headlines movies of the week, this is the spot to revel in the trashy goodness of exploitation TV!